Be Smart, Test Your Control

Anecdotal decisions based on personal preferences don’t lead to great results. The core benefit of direct mail is that you can track your results and make improvements based on testing against your control.

Better results come from constant testing. Our banks of digital presses can run A/B splits or multiple segmentation with the minimum of additional cost. By adding an element of testing to every appeal, over time you can build a knowledge base of how best to communicate your message to your donors.

You will make informed decisions when you base them on test results, and you will do a better job of convincing your colleagues to support your efforts when you can present a history of testing, improvement and increased ROI.

What to Test?

  • Lists Buy, rent or exchange?
  • Giving Amounts Do you start small, large or graduate?
  • Letter text Segmentation for each demographic.
  • Involvement Devices Surveys, petitions, response pieces.
  • Premiums Offers, address labels, snap out gift cards, bookmarks.
  • Artwork Variations for segments of your list.
  • BRE or CRE Business reply or Courtesy reply envelopes?
  • Postage Indicia, nonprofit stamps or metering?
  • Teasers Teaser messages, personalized post-it messages.
  • Addressing Serif fonts or emulated handwritten fonts?
  • Envelopes Carrier envelope, closed, window, size, redesign?
  • Other Clear bags, follow up on mailings, email messaging, innovative thank you messages.

If you test one element at a time, over time you will acquire a foundation of test results that will help you improve your campaign.

You will become your own in-house direct mail expert from the accumulated information derived from testing over time. But without testing, what happens when your control piece ceases to work…