Drop Shipping

Saving Postage on Large Mailings

Drop shipping is the process of expediting your mail directly to its final destination’s local USPS sorting facility.

For example: If your mailing were primarily going to Chicago IL, instead of delivering your mail to the local USPS depot in Los Angeles, we would truck it directly to the USPS depot in Chicago.

There are 2 major advantages of processing a mailing for Drop Shipment:

  • Savings in Postage the mailing would qualify for additional discounts in postage if delivering the mail to the local destination.
  • Savings in Delivery Time because the mail is being transported directly to the local sorting facility, it bypasses additional facilities that process the mail before it reaches the final local sorting facility, thus saving day(s) of delivery time.

Feasibility: We recommend this if the postage savings offset the cost of trucking the mail to its destination.

We estimate that a mailing of 30K and above should arrive at some additional postage savings, but it is also dependant on how centralized the mailing list is.

Contact your account executive for more details….