Smart BRE & CRE’s

All reply envelopes #9, A2, A6, 6-3/4 to name a few; will need to be upgraded to comply with new USPS rules.

  1. As of May 2011 the old Postnet Barcode is being retired and the new Intelligent Mail Barcode is replacing it.  You have to register with USPS via their Business Customer Gateway website for a Intelligent Mail Barcode ID and make an application for new artwork incorporating the new barcode via their local USPS Design Analyst.
  2. Effective Immediately USPS has implemented a new rule for all outgoing mail pieces that include a reply envelope.  The reply envelope must have BRE or CRE USPS approved artwork or your outgoing mail will be charged at a higher rate per piece.  For standard or nonprofit mailing this adds about $10 per thousand pieces, for 1st class presort it adds about $30 per thousand.

Unfortunately these changes are difficult for clients to manage themselves, so please contact your Account Executive for our assistance.