Multi-Touch Program


An Integrated Direct Mail Fundraising Program

We understand that your direct mail efforts are not just about your current donor database. You may have direct mail goals for acquisition, lapsed, high end donors, sustainers, seniors for your planned giving program etc. It’s a challenge for NPO’s to manage and budget for all segments of their list, but necessary for the long term success of their program.

That’s where we can help you, our Multi-Touch program works to bring all of your direct mail objectives together to achieve three things:

  • Management -We ask you to identify your direct mail fundraising goals; so we can plan a process of helping you achieve them. Systematic efforts lead to systematic results, we work towards long term goals that you specify. We help you establish a budgeted program for the next twelve months, so you really know the road ahead.
  • Cost Reduction -With each current appeal, we combine all of the segments of your direct mail goals together. It also allows you to make consistent efforts of managing each segment of your list every time you produce a current appeal. Additionally, it reduces the production cost. The alternative of producing these projects separately would probably lead to increased costs when you audit your expenditures at the end of the year.
  • Increased Revenue -Simple solutions like reminder mailings can bring an immediate increase in revenue. Testing is helpful to raise your average gift size and improve your control. Our focus on helping you seek out major gift prospects is the key to maximum return on your direct mail investment.

An Agency Without the Agency Rates!

By managing, budgeting and cultivating all segments of your database, you start the process of maximizing the revenue potential of your list. Multi-Touch is an integrated way of doing just this. In essence, Multi-Touch is an integrated direct mail fundraising program without the management, consulting or monthly retainer fees an agency would charge you…

Large Gift Prospects

Multi-Touch is tailored to maximize revenue but it’s core theme is to seek out and identity large gift prospects. Focusing on major gift prospects is the key to big returns on your direct mail investment. Multi-Touch gives you a systematic approach to identifying and cultivating large gift prospects from each and every current appeal mailing.

See your account executive for more details…