We Incorporate Sustainable Materials and Practices to Green our Activities

Pacific Rim is a modern progressive comapany. We are always looking for ways to be cleaner, greener and more efficient. We care about the Environment and don’t wish to waste precious resources. Part of our efforts to green our activities is to invest in digital workflows that are friendler to the environment than older production technologies. Sustainability is not only the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.

  • We utilize soy inks and recycled materials for print projects.
  • Employ water based aqueous coating.
  • Chemical free digital offset.
  • Paperless PDF proofing.
  • All waste materials onsite recycled.
  • Chemical free direct-to-plate technology.
  • All discarded electronic & office furniture recycled.
  • Power saving efficient lighting installed throughout our facility.
  • All mailing lists purged of bad addresses to save client materials and postage.