Color Increases Response Rates

According to InfoTrends, a study comparing consumer response rates to a variety of direct mail techniques demonstrated that color and personal­ization can drive response rates much higher than the industry standard of 2 to 4 percent…

Response Rates

1.0% Response Rate – Tier 1
Black and white piece with no personal information

1.5% Response Rate – Tier 2
Black and white piece with personalization, or full-color piece with no personalization

2.0% Response Rate – Tier 3
Full-color piece with name-only personalization.

6.5% Response Rate – Tier 4
Full-color piece with deeper personalization, combined with content that is specific to the recipient.


SOURCE: InfoTrends/CAP Ventures, “The Impact of Color in Graphic Design,” April 27, 2005. Via Print in the Mix.